The Nexus 2014 conference consists in morning and afternoon sessions on 3 days coordinated by moderators, with presentations followed by brief periods of questions and answers and a final discussion at the end of the session.

Each of the three days concludes with a presentation by a Keynote Speaker. Keynote talks are open to the general public.

The final day of the conference, 12 June, is dedicated to the Nexus Ph.D. Day.

Sunday 8 June 2014

Welcoming dinner for speakers, scientific committee

Monday, 9 June, Morning session (Mathematics and Architecture Past, Present and Future)

Moderator: Arzu Gönenç Sorguç


08:30–09:00 Registration

9:00–9:15 Introductions

 Session I

9:15–13:00 (30 minutes each, with 10 minutes for questions)

Speaker 1. Özgür Ediz and Michael Ostwald, “Form, Ornament and Materiality in Sinan’s Kiliç Ali Pasa Mosque: A Comparative Fractal Analysis”

Speaker 2. Carlo Bianchini and Filippo Fantini, “Dimensioning of Ancient Places for Spectacle through Stereometrica and De mensuris by Heron of Alexandria”

Speaker 3. Alessandra Capanna, “Iannis Xenakis’s Polytopes”

Speaker 4. Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua, “The Helixes of Vittorio Bonadè Bottino. Symbolisms, geometries and architectural types”

Speaker 5. Snezana Lawrence, “Life, Architecture, Mathematics, and the Fourth Dimension”

12:35–13:00 Discussion

13:00–14:30 Lunch break

Monday, 9 June, Afternoon session (Analytical Techniques).

Moderator: Sylvie Duvernoy.

Session II

14:45–17:30 (30 minutes each, with 10 minutes for questions)

Speaker 6. Wissam Wahbeh and Carla Nardinocchi, “Toward the Interactive 3D Modeling Applied to Ponte Rotto in Rome”

Speaker 7. José Beirao and Anastasia Koltsova, “The Effects of Territorial Depth on the Liveliness of Streets”

Speaker 8. Kenza Boussora, “Formal Style of Medersa Buildings in North Africa”

Speaker 9. Tugrul Yazar, “Design of Dataflow”

17:30–18:00 Coffee Break

18:00–19:15 Keynote speaker 1

Tuesday, 10 June, Morning session (Patterns and Shapes)

Moderator: Michael Ostwald

 Session III

9:15–13:00 (30 minutes each, with 10 minutes for questions)

Speaker 10. Firat Özgenel and Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, “Proposal of a New Tool for 3D Pattern Generation”

Speaker 11. To be announced.

Speaker 12. Rabela Junejo, “Makli Necropolis, Pakistan: An Investigation into Geometric Ornamentation”

Speaker 13. Javier Barrallo, Francisco González-Quintial and Santiago Sánchez-Beitia, “Vesica Piscis and Reuleaux Triangle in Modern Architecture”

Speaker 14. Michela Rossi and Giorgio Buratti, “The Architecture of Color: Number and Shapes as Measurement and Representation Tools”

12:35–13:00 Discussion

13:00–14:00 Lunch break

Tuesday, 10 June, Afternoon session (Design Criteria)

Moderator: Kim Williams

Session IV

14:00–17:30 (30 minutes each, with 10 minutes for questions)

Speaker 15. Ufuk Soyöz, “The Optical Measures: A Design Tool to Attain Truth or Illusion?”

Speaker 16. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, “Dancing with Isometries”

Speaker 17. Liz Dewitte, “The proportional system of Dom Paul Bellot”

Speaker 18. Vitor Murtinho, “Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man Drawing: A New Interpretation Using Leonardo’s GEOMETRIC constructions”

Speaker 19. Maria Zack, “Rebuilding Mathematically: A Study of the Rebuilding of Lisbon and London”

17:30–18:00 Coffee Break

18:00–19:15 Keynote speaker 2

Wednesday, 11 June, Morning session (Rule-Based Design, in honour of Lionel March).

Moderator: Mine Özkar

Session V

9:15–13:00 (30 minutes each, with 10 minutes for questions)

Speaker 20. Rudi Stouffs and Bige Tunçer, “Typological Descriptions as Generative Guides for Historical Architecture”

Speaker 21. Benay Gürsoy and Mine Özkar, “Schematizing Koman’s Embryonic Approach for Basic Design”

Speaker 22. Iestyn Jowers and Christopher Earl, “Extending the Algebras of Design”

Speaker 23. Athanassios Economou, “Visual sieves: Symmetry computations with graphs, diagrams, and shapes”

Speaker 24.Christopher Earl and Iestyn Jowers, “Spatial relations between architectural elements in 3D pinwheel schemas”

12:35–13:00 Discussion

13:00–14:30 Lunch break

Wednesday, 11 June, Afternoon session (16th century)

Moderator: Joao Pedro Xavier

 Session VI

14:45–17:30 (30 minutes each, with 10 minutes for questions)

Speaker 25. Lionel March, “Palladio’s Palazzo delle Torre, ca. 1550”

Speaker 26. Ana López Mozo, “On the Use of Perspective in the Work by Juan de Herrera, architect of Philip II of Spain”

Speaker 27. Antonia Redondo-Buitrago and Dirk Huylebrouck, “Nonagons in the Hagia Sophia and the Selimiye Mosque”

Speaker 28. Sylvie Duvernoy, “Elongated Centrality and the Rise of Oval Churches in Europe in the Sixteenth Century”

17:30–18:00 Coffee Break

18:00–19:15 Keynote speaker 3

20.00 Conference dinner (closing)

Thursday, 12 June, Morning

Nexus 2014 Ph.D. Day